Why Ballerz Uses Tencel Fabric For Their High-End Men’s Underwear

Tencel, also referred to as “Lyocell,” was developed in 1972 at the old American Enka fibers facility. Later, production of it was taken over by the Austrian company Lenzing AG, which helped propel it to the world stage.

Today, Tencel is a popular choice for clothing brands worldwide, used in everything from casual wear to sportswear by famous retailers like Ted Baker, Victoria’s Secret, Levi’s, and People Tree.

Among those using this incredible fabric is Ballerz, a brand known for its impressive range of well-designed high-end men’s underwear. Here are a few reasons why Tencel is their preferred choice for their products:

All Natural

And environmentally friendly


Color-rich fabric


And absorbs moisture easily


And comfortable


For sensitive skin


Versatile and durable


High-quality clothing



Tencel may be an expensive fabric, but with all these advantages, it’s clear that it’s a step above traditional materials like hemp, bamboo, and even cotton. Not only is it eco-friendly and produced with sustainable practices, but its remarkable properties also bring a ton of benefits for both clothing brands and consumers alike.

This innovative fabric is definitely a gamechanger in the clothing and textile industries, which makes Ballerz’s decision to use it in their high-end men’s underwear line completely unsurprising. With all these phenomenal pros and capabilities, it’s clear that wearing Tencel against the most private and most sensitive part of your body will leave you feeling great.

Don’t believe us? Then, why not try it out for yourself? Purchase high-end and high-quality men’s underwear from Ballerz and see just how life-changing the Tencel fabric is.